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    Experienced and professional hair salon in Lindfield

    There is no feeling better than coming out of a hair salon with newly washed, cut, and styled hair. You walk taller, you smile at strangers, and you casually toss your shining locks over your shoulder. You feel like a new person, full of confidence. A trip to the hair salon can make you feel like a million dollars.


    At Bruno the Hair Stylist in Lindfield we aim to make your visit to our hair salon as relaxed and as pleasant as possible. With a team of trained stylists in place, we pride ourselves on our professional yet friendly service.


    Our stylists are experts in all aspects of hair care, including colours, cut, design, and styling. We also offer fragrant treatments and head massage as part of your experience at Bruno The Hair Stylist.


    As a family business, Bruno's is run by David and his wife Christine, who have operated a hair salon in Lindfield for 40 years, since 1974. The team is complemented by our other skilled stylist, Carol.

    We work together as a team to offer full consultations to our customers, who get the benefit of more than one point of view!

    Over the years we have built up a loyal customer base in Lindfield and the surrounds, who visit our hair salon time and time again. Our clients appreciate that we treat every customer as if they are the most important one we have, which they are!
    We listen to our customer’s needs, and spend time on the consultation before we start your cut or colour. We love you to bring us your ideas and pictures, and work our hardest to bring your dreams to reality. When you visit our hair salon we share a little bit of our own unique magic that we believe is not available anywhere else. Why not visit Bruno the Hair Stylist's dream factory today?

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    "From the shampoos and sets of the 1960s, to the free-flowing hair of the ’70s and the perms of the ’80s, Bruno Di Marzo has seen it all when it comes to hair trends." - Read more on NewsLocal

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    Call us today on 02 9416 6124 and find out how we can make your day complete with styling solutions!